Logo Portfolio

Designing is something I really enjoy in my spare time, I have had the pleasure of creating some logos, event posters, etc. I started designing with Corel Draw X3 at 9 when my dad registered my sister and me in a computer school in 2008. Since then, I have used Adobe software such as Photoshop, and Illustrator also experienced in using Canva. Here is a few of my work below


My client wanted something with his name and also something that is easy for his clients to remember like his initials.


PBP was a clubhouse room that was very prominent in 2020-2021, founded by a Nigerian but catered to Africans on the app as a virtual beer parlour, hence the details of colour, map, and beer.


Olori means queen in the Yoruba language of Nigeria, the client wanted something that represents their brand and after hearing the goals for the brand this made sense for both the brand and the client.


GWI was designed for a client who owns properties for rental and wanted something that pretty much explains what he does from looking at the logo

DJ SuChef

DJ SuChef is a friend of mine who needed a logo that showed both his passions, Djing and Chefing it up in the kitchen. He also wanted something with a POP of color and that was how I came by this design.


This was designed for a promoter in the city of Calgary that curates afrobeat events in the city.


POTS is a podcast started by a client in 2020 that talks about all different aspects of life, the tree represents the tree of life, and the letters hanging down as fruits as there were 3 hosts in the podcast.


This was a logo I designed for a client with a small shop who needed business cards and a logo for social medias.


This is a logo I designed for my photography business I wanted something simple and minimal and the O also stands for a zoom lens.